First impressions are everything

It’s true for homes, too: first impressions really are everything. You want your house to make viewers feel good straight away. Sales styling can help you get there. Styling includes a variety of tips that help you easily show off the best of your home. It starts with a clean front door. Tidy living and sleeping spaces. You want to make sure viewers get a good idea of how much space there is available, so the less crowded the room looks, the better. Create unity and balance and let the spaces speak for themselves. A neutral, peaceful look lets a viewer imagine themselves in their new home best.

Want to know more? Just ask Elvi!

JA! Wherever Elvi goes, she brings her arsenal of smart tips. She has a photographer’s eye and gives you styling and staging tips. Elvi helps you present your home in the best way possible.

No-strings-attached sales styling

Not only has Elvi been a JA! partner for over 20 years, but she’s also our interior stylist. She can give you sales tips and styling advice for a successful sale. Whether a property is currently occupied or has been cleared out, she can style and stage it. Always without any obligations. She listens to the seller and proactively suggests how spaces can be shown at their best. Not only in photo presentations, but also in real life. Thanks to her efforts, viewers turn into buyers.