The team of JA! Real Estate Agents

Say JA! and you say Jaap. He’s been 100% committed to real estate, and his clients, for more than 20 years. His greatest source of inspiration in the business was his uncle Piet Admiraal. Jaap is ambitious and focused and has the professional knowledge of an absolute expert. Everyone knows Jaap and Jaap knows everyone. You’ll find him on the golf course, the hockey pitch, the tennis court: Jaap is always up for a sporting challenge. And he likes to win. He comes up with solutions for any problems that may arise, preferably innovative ones. JA! That’s what we call having your heart in the business.

Jaap Admiraal

Makelaar Taxateur RMT

Jantina has lived in Amsterdam for more than 25 years but her roots are in Friesland. That can be seen in her down-to-earth approach. It’s important to her to give her clients honest advice and have good personal contact with them. Jantina got her estate agent’s certification in 2001 and has been a permanent asset at JA! since 2009. Her years of experience allow her to respond skilfully to everyone’s wishes. She’s an all-rounder with perseverance. The clients are completely happy with her skills! Besides her work, it’s tennis, yoga and walking holidays that make Jantina happy. JA! And we’re happy too – with Jantina.

Jantina Asselman


Elvi is a partner in the company and Jaap’s partner as well. She grew up in the "Achterhoek" region and left for the big city at 18 years old. After her study clothing-industry Elvi worked for years in fashion. In 1999 she and Jaap started their real estate agency and the whole thing just took off. Meanwhile they got three kids as well. Elvi is in charge of staff, finance and IT. She likes organising and creating the perfect flow in the office, which is sleek and stylish, thanks to her. Just like sellers’ homes: her styling tips for selling increase the chances of a sale. Elvi is always on the go and enjoys variety. Luckily, no two days are the same at JA!

Elvi Huizinga


Jan Willem is one of the most dedicated people we know. He has a large network and is always looking for that personal click with clients. That's what makes his work so valuable. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and a competitive attitude, but to him, integrity always comes first. Perfect characteristics for a JA! estate agent and partner. No one motivates our team like Jan Willem. Going all the way in sports, spending time with his family, going on adventures with his lovely girlfriend or just barbecuing with friends – Jan Willem knows how to unwind, too. JA! That’s important to us as well.

Jan Willem Kwant


If you hear roars of laughter, you can be sure they’re coming from Stefanie. She has an open, enthusiastic approach to people. Stefanie can put herself in anyone’s position as far as accommodation is concerned. She learned it from an early age. As the daughter of expats, she adapted effortlessly to living in large cities such as Jeddah and Vienna. And last, but not least, Eindhoven. Stefanie’s lived in Amsterdam for the last 10 years and is a successful estate agent. She gets a good result in every property purchase or sale. Whatever Stefanie does, whether it’s work, travel or sports, she gives it her all. JA! We love that kind of dedication.

Stefanie de Kroon


Rock steady, that’s our Gabrielle. If she deals with something for you, you can be sure it’s done well. She schedules appointments carefully, deals with clients efficiently, provides accurate appraisal reports and creates beautiful online presentations of homes. Gabrielle has a great attitude and lots of patience, a quality which stands her in good stead as a mother of two active little boys. Gabrielle is quite attached to the world of Amsterdam housing. And JA!, we are to her.

Gabriëlle ter Beek

Office Manager

Nick is the youngest member of the JA! team. Helpful, reliable and interested in learning. What he likes best is accompanying the estate agents on their appointments. Outside the office, talking to people, understanding what they’re looking for in a home. Nick first trained in hospitality work, so he knows exactly how to put people at ease. He now has almost all his estate agent’s certificates and is working hard for his final exams, so he can start working as a certified estate agent. Nick loves to travel a lot, getting to know new countries and learning from other cultures. JA! We love people with an inquiring mind.

Nick Henderson

Assistent makelaar

Minou fell for the happy attitude at JA! and we fell for her cheery nature. She doesn’t get rattled easily, no matter how busy it is. Minou is friendly and attentive with everyone. She schedules appointments accurately and manages all the appointment books. She happily takes on all other kinds of tasks too. In her free time, she can be found cheering on her son at baseball games and baking the most delicious cakes with her daughter. Minou used to be an apprentice pastry chef, so she knows how to mix all the ingredients to get the best result. JA! We see that at the office too.

Minou Scheltema

Office Manager